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Why are you waiting for money you’ve already earned?

We’re changing how the world gets paid, because getting paid means more than just a paycheck. Access your money when you want with RocketBNK.
The RocketBNK app serves up a variety of financial features like access to your money when you want, a detailed financial analysis, budget management, and more.
Take control of your financial wellness and peace of mind with easy access to the money you’ve earned.

Don't Wait, Make Payday Your Way!

Easy access to the money you have earned 24/7, the way it should be.

Turn financial stress into financial wellness

Free Bank Account | Mobile App | Spend Analysis

Getting paid means more than just a paycheck, it’s how you live your life. Getting the money you’ve earned when you want it, or need it the most, can turn your financial stress into financial wellness. With RocketBNK, you can take control of your finances, giving you the ability to handle any money problem that comes your way.

Make Payday Your Way!

Your cash everyday! ™

Life is unpredictable, and the way you get paid needs to be flexible. Learn how having RocketBNK equips you with the best tools to ensure financial wellness.

Get money for everyday fun and activities

Have you ever needed to skip an outing with friends because your bank account was at zero? Not anymore. Whether it's dinner and a movie with friends, or a special date night that just pops up, you have the spending cash available 24/7 with RocketBNK.

Car repairs can be costly

Even the simplest car problem can cost you hundreds of dollars. According to AAA, the average cost of a repair is between $500 and $600. How will you get to work when your car breaks down? Bus? Train? Ask coworkers to pick you up? With RocketBNK, you can get the money you've earned to immediately fix your car and get back on the road.

Medical emergencies can happen at any moment

ER | Emergency Care | Surgery. A medical emergency can happen at the drop of a hat. From an unexpected ER visit to a toothache, needing medical attention is not cheap. The co-pay alone can be in excess of a few hundred dollars. You can definitely deal with an injury, but what about a family member, like your kids. An injury or illness can put strain on monthly finances, but when you have access to the money you've earned when you need it the most, that strain and stress is minimized.

Life Happens, this is why payday needs to be flexible

Unexpected bills can come out of nowhere, like annual increases in your cable and internet bill, extra expenses added to your monthly utility bill, or an expensive parking ticket. But with flexible payday options, like getting money you’ve already earned when you need it, those unexpected bills can be easily managed. Don’t let unexpected bills derail your monthly budget, RocketBNK is the flexible payday option you can rely on 24/7.